Payment Info

If you have already placed an order you might of seen this info on the confirmation page but our current methods of payments are:

1. Apple Pay

2. Western Union

3. Venmo

4. Zelle

5. Cash App

6. Personal Check / Money Order through the mail (for trusted customers only)


The first 5 of these 6 payment methods uses a debit card (that is linked to a checking/savings account). We can not take credit cards or pre-paid debit cards. 

If you wish to use Venmo, Zelle, or the Cash App you can go ahead and send your payment to the email address on any of these methods. If you wish for us to send you an invoice first, email us and we will send you the invoice as soon as we can.

If you wish to use Apple Pay simply email us or message us on Facebook with your phone number and we will send the Apple Pay invoice directly to your iPhone via text message. 

Email us for Western Union information.

Personal Checks / Money Orders sent through the mail are open to everyone, but we will not ship your order out until we receive the check/MO unless you are a trusted customer of ours who has bought from unless frequently in the past. If you wish to send a check just email us and we will provide you with the address.